There are 3 types of loan which are supported through the following Ministries: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women Sport and Social Affairs and Ministry of Commerce. These can be categorized as Student Loan schemes, Youth Loan and Covid19 loan for businesses respectively.

1. Tobwaan te rikirake - Youth & Young couple loan scheme

Purpose: Loan supported through MWYSSA for youth & young couples with no education backgrounds to run their business or find benefits which can support them and their young families.

How to apply:

     1. Applications can be accessed through the Ministry of Women Youth Sport and Social Affairs(MWYSSA), Bairiki.

     2. Successful applicants will be forwarded to DBK

     3. Process of loan with DBK loan officers.


2. Student loan schemes

Purpose: Loan supported through Ministry of Education

How to apply:

     1. Applications can be found at Ministry of Education

     2. Students are required to fill the form and submit them to Ministry of Education

     3. Successful applicant names are then submitted to DBK

     4. Process of loan are then carried out by our loan officers provided that the requirement are given to successful applicants from the Ministry of Education.


3. Covid19 loan for businesses

Purpose: Loans provided to businesses to support their financial profit due to Covid19. This loan is only for KCCI Members only.

How to apply:

     1. Loan application can be retrieved from KCCI main office, Betio.

     2. Completed applications are then submitted to DBK

     3. Loan officers can process the loan requirement from business owner.


Enquiries can be made by calling us on 75021665, 75021345 or 75021225 for more information.



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