Covid-19 Loan for KCCI members only

 Name of Business


 Nature of Business

 Assets to secure loan

 1: Betio Point Enterprise

   - Food Importer

   - General Importer (non-food)

   - Retail

  Wholesale & Retail
 2: Utirerei Hotel

   - Hotel

 Land and Building
 3: Pintech

   - Information, Communication Technology

  Sole Proprietorship
 KPF and Land
 4: Remia Enterprise

   - General Merchants

   - Fishing Gears

   - Second Hand

  Sole Proprietorship
 Business Assets and Land
 5: Coral Sun Airways

   - Aviation

 Aviation & Charter services  Coral Sea 2 and Coral Sun Airplane
 6: SK Enterprises

   - Retail & Wholesale

 General Importer non food
 Land, Store, Vehicles
 7: Tentanini

   - Importers

 Internet & Electronics  Land and House
 8: Hemwa Enterprises

   - Retail

 Retail & Cleaning services  Store and Vehicles
 9: Jeromii Enterprise

   - Wholesale & Retail

 Import food & non food  Land, Store and Vehicles










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